tiny friendz

Tiny Friendz started as a joke in the studio - Dawn was 'making new friends.' What's funny is that now it's a successful side project, and tiny friendz are sold in the Dallas area and in New Orleans.

tiny friendzMaurice is an artist who lives in Paris, Texas. He's saving money to take his dream trip to Paris, France!

tiny friendzChanning is a big Cowboys fan. He chews bubble gum when he gets nervous during games.

tiny friendzHector is a great friend to have, even if he is cranky sometimes. He currently lives in Dallas.

tiny friendzChester is from Amarillo, where he likes to go for long rides on his Chestnut mare, also named Chester.

tiny friendzOlga is a competitive yodeler from New Braunfels, Texas, seen here while visiting Dallas.

tiny friendzMr. Avery is a very private fellow from San Antonio. He has yet to be seen without his signature top hat.

tiny friendzLittle Timmy enjoys playing in the fountains at the Arboretum in Dallas.

tiny friendzSam loves the State Fair! Every year Sam looks forward to an exciting new kind of food on a stick.

tiny friendzDrinking buddies sit on the rim of your glass and keep you company. Hoodoo needs a drinking buddy? You do!

tiny friendzProfessor Brewester Lagerspetz is a drinking buddy, ready to hang out on the edge of your cup. Everybody calls him Prof.